Pennsylvania laws that identify crimes and penalties related to underage drinking are mainly found in the Liquor Code, the Crimes Code, and the Vehicle Code. Below are summaries of the various offenses for minors and adults related to underage drinking. The penalties referenced below apply to adults age 18 and older, except as otherwise indicated; minors under 18 would also face penalties for such crimes, but those penalties are adjudicated under the Juvenile Code.

Illustration of girl reaching for alcohol bottles.

7 in 10 PA parents don’t keep the alcohol in their home secured.

85% of underage drinkers get their alcohol from their home or a friend’s.

Tip: Get to know your child’s friends and their parents. Find out how alcohol is kept secure in their home before your child spends time there.

Dear Parent

Your child looks up to you. Let them know what you’re telling them is intended to keep them safe, not frighten them.